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We pride ourselves on using our expert knowledge to provide free honest and independent advice after exploring the requirements and tailoring advice and solutions to the particular problems or concern.

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We are committed to delivering quality assured, evidence based services in regard to all our offerings whether clinical or educational.

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Health & Wellbeing

How Good Occupational Health can benefit your business?

Occupational Health can support an organisation in managing and maintaining a healthy workforce. Our specialist occupational health physicians and advisors can help you to identify health risks, analyse absence trends and use management report data to develop a need’s based solution to maximise the health and wellbeing or your workforce.

Health Surveillance - Since 1947 we have been the pioneers of health surveillance ensuring that employees’ health is protected in the workplace. Health surveillance should be tailored to a risk assessment that has been undertaken in line with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 that has identified potential risks to the workforce. Our experienced team can help tailor a programme for your business.

Case Management - When employees fall ill, the cost of sick pay, impact on colleagues and overtime cover can soon add up. Early intervention by occupational health can result in an early return to work and giving an employer clear advice in our reports allows proactive management of sickness absence.  We provide independent specialist advice before, during and after a referral. 

Health and Wellbeing – being proactive in creating a healthy workplace can help in preventing health issues thus reducing sickness absence. Corporate Health has experience in delivering workplace wellbeing since 1947.  We can provide a range of services including health screening, health fairs, online employee engagement tools, and education programmes tailored to risks in the workplace.

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